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I am nothing but a liar -sigh-

But a curious Anon found my personal and made me come back and revisit this blog…

I suppose I could TRY to do some updates. No promises but I’m surprised to have found more questions in the inbox.

Thank you guys!

Um… Let me know if you’d like me to continue this blog or not.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty busy, but I am approaching summer vacation and I may find some free time to answer some questions. I don’t think I have time to RP though, I’m sorry.

May you all have a great day! ^.^

OOC: Rather than sleeping I have the sudden urge to make an announcement…

Mun: Hello Everyone!

So, I was currently looking through my blog and planning on what I need to do to catch up. (I’m sooo behind… D:)

However, SUMMER WILL BE HERE SOON! And that means I can start answering questions/RPing again!

I just kinda wanted to say that although I haven’t posted in a while I haven’t abandoned this blog!

I’ve got 1 WEEK left until I’m done with Finals. (yaaay) Though I will still be busy with a job/summer classes/possible internship(!?!? I HOPE) but I’ll have more lazy time to just sit and draw and write and stuff.

So basically I’m just making myself a To-Do list because I just feel the random need to post something on here.

Without further ado:


Mun: LOKE!!!

Loke: What? I felt left out. And you know you want to~

Mun: Stahp, Loke. I don’t like to be teased. Anyways, stop interrupting me and let me get my list done.

Loke: Shouldn’t you be sleeping, Mun?

Mun: I should be doing a lot of things yet I’m here… -sigh-

Loke: Well, please get your list done and go to bed. You need to have your beauty sleep. ;)


  • Finish sending THANK YOUs to people. I promised to send them out and sadly I stopped at my 180th follower I think. @.@ I remember doing Papaigneel (if that’s still your tumblr name?) so I’ll start with whoever’s after them. If you get another Thank You message, well, you’re special like that. ;)
  • Organize and revamp this blog. I’ve learned how to do better backgrounds and such so I think I’ll work on making this blog a little more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Go through all of my asks and clean out my inbox. (I have 100+ messages I need to sort through… Oh my)
  • Also, figure out who’s still RPing. (I just discovered one of my favorite RPers deleted their account *cries* Chi! Whyyy!)
  • Get organized in general.

Alright, sorry for the random post. But again, I just wanted to let you all know this blog is still active just SLOW.

Loke: Also, just a reminder that we love every single one of you followers. Including our recent ones! I look forward to interacting with you in the near future.

Mun and Loke: Good Night!

Fairy Tail Crack (and Minor) Ships Week!


This is the first official post for this blog!


In response to all of the “major” Fairy Tail couples getting weeks of fanart and fanfics dedicated to them, I have created this blog to honor all of the “minor” or purely “crack” pairings in the Fairy Tail fandom.

What is the definition of a “crack ship?”

“A pairing of two characters that in no way shape or form would ever get together in a million years.”

Besides crack ships, I will also dedicate this blog to the “minor ships” as well unless someone creates a blog dedicating a week to them.

What does that mean? If the couple isn’t listed here then they’re considered either “minor” or “crack.”

I can’t wait to get this started!

Please Note:

  • One person (me) is running this blog. So please be patient if I don’t answer questions right away.
  • I need your suggestions to shape this blog for YOU guys! Don’t hesitate to make suggestions/ask questions/list your crack/minor pairings in the ask box.
  • Right now this blog is still tentatively WIP, so if there are unedited sections/broken links they should be updated/fixed soon!
  • The date for this blog’s dedication week is still To Be Decided (TBD) but I’m planning for it to be some week in Fall. (September or October time frame, possible?)


Calling all LoLu fans-


We need to spread the word of the LoLu week. I believe that the week will be held August 11-17, 2013. This will be the week due to the fact the Leo is held through the months of July to August.

So please help spread the word of the week by reblogging it, posting a link to, telling your friends to follow and participate. Let’s bring all the LoLu fans out and celebrate a beautiful pairing.

We are accepting prompts- so please send in all the prompts that pop into your creative little minds.

This is the admin- over and out.


Let’s Go! Time To Revive The Fantasia Parade! [Bixlow x Loke]


As Loke began to describe the endless things that they could do that would fit their circus theme, Bixlow began to grow more and more excited. That was right. He could place his babies temporarily into figures of clowns and various circus animals. The seith mage could already imagine people, young and old, being drawn to their show and hearing oohs and aahs from the mesmerized crowd. Aside from taking charge of the lighting aspect of the show, the lion spirit could play ring master with his oozing charisma. 

The Raijin was impressed that Loke still maintained his connections with Earthland folk even after returning to the celestial spirit world. This was all very well, since it would be easier for them too get what they needed quickly. After all, they would need a lot of time practicing a routine! He definitely chose the right partner for the Fantasia parade!


“Nyahaha! You’ve thought of almost everything, that I don’t think I’ll have anything to add anymore! I think that we should plan our costumes now!”, he remarked while thinking of what he could be for the show. He loved the idea of dressing up! Even if he kidded Loke’s owner a lot about being a cosplay maniac, he was quite into it himself.

"Great! Let’s see… I know that this was your idea, but would you mind me being the Ring Master? Maybe to put a twist on it I should be a ‘Lion Ring Master.’ After all, I do have the ears…" Loke said as he scratched his hair to make his ears pop up. If he were to wear a top hat that allowed his ears to pop through he bet the women would love to see that. They typically liked seeing cat ears on men.


He looked at Bixlow and thought for a moment thinking about what his costume could be like. Bixlow already wore a pretty costumey outfit now, not that Loke would tell that to the seith mage. Perhaps a clown? Or maybe an acrobat? “What type of costume do you want to wear?” Loke asked him. He might as well let his partner choose his own outfit.

An Evening Stroll [LokexLucy]



“Of course.” She smiled up at him. “Where do you want to walk?” She asked him, a smile was stuck on her face. 

“I hope you like my cooking,” she laughed. “It’s nothing special…”


"I have no particular destination in mind. I’m happy as long as I’m with you." He winked at the blonde and smiled. After thinking about a location he did come up with an idea. "Although, I do know of this spot on a hill with a nice view." He walked over to the door of Lucy’s apartment and stood by it. "Shall we embark on our journey, Princess?" He bowed, mimicking his pink-haired friend and extended a hand to Lucy.

(Source: ask-loke-the-lion-spirit)

The Lion has Arrived!

"I am on for tonight my lovely followers! I apologize for the long wait."

"Though, I must be honest and say my time on here will be brief. I am trying to rekindle my relationships on here so if I owe you please like/comment on this page. I have some threads saved in drafts, but I just want to make sure I haven’t left anyone out."

"For the time being I’ll be responding to various threads. No guarantees I’ll get to all, but I’ll slowly begin to respond to threads again."

"Thank you for your patience!"

An Evening Stroll [LokexLucy]

stellarspiritprincess said: “I’d love to go on a walk with you, Loke!” She beamed. “You don’t need to spend money on me for dinner though. I can make something to eat back at my place.”

Loke grinned back at Lucy after hearing her offer. “I will gladly accept your offer for dinner. Your home cooking will be quite the treat.” He said with a wink. He walked over to the door of her apartment and held it open for her. “Shall we go, Lucy?”

celestialspiritprincess asked:

"Just wanted to say hi to my favorite guy." She smiled.


“I’m very flattered, my princess. And I’m sure you’re aware that you’re my favorite as well. Now that you’ve called me here I’m willing to do whatever you please. If you so wish, I could also take you out on an evening stroll… Maybe accompanied with dinner?”


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